The top 5 most disgustingly germy things you touch everyday!

The top 5 most disgustingly germy things you touch everyday!

The top 5 most disgustingly germy things you touch everyday!

  • On May 31, 2016

You touch them everyday and they are teaming with harmful bacteria!

It is no surprise that everyone thinks about the toilet when you think of something that is filthy and covered in germs but what if I told you it did not even crack our top five! These are things that we touch almost every single day in our homes that you may not realize are in need of some serious cleaning

1. Purses and Wallets

Disinfecting Purses and Wallets with Roxton Industries

2. Television Remote

TV remote disinfected with Roxton Industries disinfectant wipes

3. Laundry Machines

Laundry machines cleaned and disinfected Roxton Industries

4. Cutting Boards

Cutting boards often come in contact with raw meat making the surface very germy

5. Cell Phones

Cell phones disinfected with Roxton Industries

So what is the solution?

Whether you are an office worker, an oil rig hand or a nurse; we all wash our hands. Our choice of career can have an impact on how often we go to the sink or reach for the sanitizer. One thing remains the same, no matter what career you have chosen or will choose it is important to wash your hands. A study by Michigan State University published in the June issue of the Journal of Environmental Health lays claim to the fact that 95% of us are doing it wrong. With such a fast paced lifestyle, we need to take a second to understand the dangers of skipping out on scrubbing.

washing your hands with Roxton Industries soap dispensers is important after touching things even if they seem clean to the touch

With our hands sometimes touching more than a thousand surfaces, objects and people a day, it is understandable that they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Some of the common bacteria found in your house that your hands can become contaminated with are E-Coli, MRSA, Norovirus and C-Difficile. These bacteria usually enter the home on vehicles such as you, your children or pets. Proper hand washing can stop the spread of these bacteria throughout your home. In a recent study by the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland has found that the WHO’s six step process for washing your hands (found below) is superior to the CDC’s recommended 3 step process.

How to wash your hands with Roxton Industries

(© The World health Organization)

        By following the Info graphic by The World Health Organization above, you can ensure that you and your family stay healthier longer. Although washing your hands cannot entirely stop all germs and bacteria from entering your body, it can significantly reduce the spread of the bacteria and lower the chance that you will come in contact with them.


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