3 Germ-Infested Gym Areas to Watch Out For to Ensure Your Safety

3 Germ-Infested Gym Areas to Watch Out For to Ensure Your Safety

3 Germ-Infested Gym Areas to Watch Out For to Ensure Your Safety

  • On April 6, 2022
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Members and staff continuously touch many areas in gym facilities throughout the day, but how often are the team paying attention to disinfecting those spots? Especially now that Covid cases have begun to increase again in Ontario. Roxton Industries wants you to be aware of the high touch point surfaces to reduce the risk of a potential out

break within your gym. 


Table of Contents

  1. Lobby
  2. Workout Equipment
  3. Gym Locker Rooms




1. Lobby


Lobbies contain numerous high touch point surfaces used by people coming in and out of the gym. The first type of surface that you should consider is door handles. Everyone touches door handles, but who knows what lies on those surfaces?

It is the responsibility of the staff and management to ensure adequate disinfecting and safety procedures are present and maintained throughout. You can do this by implementing a cleaning schedule and clearly defined rules for everyone to follow.

Another commonly used surface in gym lobbies are countertops. Clients often touch or leave their belongings on the countertops, which makes it crucial for staff to disinfect those surfaces regularly to reduce the risk of germ transmission.

Next, other heavily used items in gym lobbies when signing up for memberships are pens and pin pads. Staff should disinfect these items between clients so that no one is picking up anyone else’s germs.


2. Workout Equipment


Then, the workout equipment is the second type of surface and the most important in a gym setting. Staff should make sure that members abide by the rules to disinfect their equipment before and after use to reduce the risk of spread within the facility. Types of equipment that you should be aware of are firstly the machines.

Exercise machines need sufficient disinfecting because people consistently work out and sweat using the machines. This is why disinfectant wipes are highly recommended in this setting because wipes are more saturated and durable than paper towels.

In addition, the second type of equipment that needs disinfecting in gyms are the mats provided by the gym. These are borrowed and returned by members throughout the day, and it is rare to see a member disinfecting their mat before and after use because they may not be aware of the importance.

It’s a good idea to put up signs throughout your facility and let members know to disinfect so they do not forget about where they need to be aware to keep themselves safe and maintain the overall cleanliness of the club. Finally, weights are the third type of equipment you should heavily disinfect.

It is common for members to be unaware or forgetful of the significance of disinfecting weights before and after use. For reasons unknown, members don’t qualify machines and weights in the same level of disinfecting importance.

This mindset makes it critical for staff to maintain consistent cleaning procedures, so all of these equipment surfaces are kept safe and reduce the likelihood of Covid or germ transmission in the gym.

It is encouraged that staff complete a daily fogging routine to ensure the facility is in top condition and that no surface is left not disinfected


3. Gym Locker-Rooms


Recognize change rooms as a place where disinfecting is as vital as in the actual gym. Members and staff put a high priority and consciousness around the maintenance of the equipment but mustn’t neglect locker rooms. Surfaces that need disinfecting in gym locker rooms are firstly the lockers themselves. People are constantly touching and leaving their belongings covered in their germs.

It is essential to disinfect the locker handles and the insides to ensure germs don’t spread between members in the gym. Next, toilets and showers commonly use handles and surfaces that need constant attention. Besides that, you should disinfect handles and seating areas in the steam rooms daily to reduce the spread within these areas. 


Now more than ever, with restrictions gone and cases

rising, we all need to do our part in keeping gyms safe. Roxton Industries encourages you to incorporate high-quality disinfectant wipes and sprayers into your gym’s daily disinfecting routine and staying aware of the areas mentioned in this blog will ensure your businesses’ safety as the pandemic continues. 

Roxton Industries provides a wide variety of high-quality cleaning products to incorporate in your gym’s daily disinfecting routine that can prevent the spread of germs within your business. With this, please ensure your business is following the appropriate rules and guidelines recommended by Public Health Ontario.