Does the material your wipes are made from matter?

Does the material your wipes are made from matter?

Does the material your wipes are made from matter?

  • On March 18, 2016

We often get asked by clients about the material we use for our Fit Wipes. A lot of these clients are ones that had used other brands of wipes in the past and have had troubles with linting, tearing or the wipes drying out. These can be some very serious concerns when selecting the proper wipe for your application. If you are using wipes in a hospital for instance you will want a disinfectant wipe that is DIN registered and has all of the kill claims that your facility requires. If you are using them to maintain your fleet of trucks and keep the cabs in tip-top condition while ensuring that germs are not being spread between drivers, then you may want a disinfectant wipe that is tough on dirt and grim but still has the power to kill common bacteria and viruses. 

There is nothing worse than using a disinfectant wipe to clean your dashboard and then having to go back over everything you just did to pick up all the little fibers that got left behind. Unless of course your grab a wipe and walk across the gym to find that somewhere along the way it had dried out… that might actually be worse. But at least you are getting your exercise trying to make it to the equipment and wipe it before your wipe dries out. Your substrate does matter! Choosing a substrate that is too thin for your application could mean that you are using up to ten times more wipes then you actually need!

Fitwipes are the best all around premium wipe. They have all of the DIN requirements you need, but are rugged enough to clean the interior of trucks or a brand new barbell grip. We use one of the thickest substrates on the market to give you the durability that you need and a wipe that will stay moist a lot longer allowing you to cover larger surface areas with a single wipe. 



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