Are Gyms and Fitness Centres Clean?

Are Gyms and Fitness Centres Clean?

Are Gyms and Fitness Centres Clean?

  • On October 8, 2019
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Gyms are a wonderful place to improve your health. But the dangers of attending a gym or a fitness studio class can be more than just injuring yourself…

A study done by Fit Rated, a website dedicated to helping consumers find the best products and equipment in the fitness industry, examined 27 different pieces of gym equipment in 3 different gyms. The goal of the study was to determine just how clean, or dirty, the gym equipment we use really is.

The results? Gyms are not as clean as we think. The study found treadmills to be the most contaminated, having 1,333,432 CFU, followed by stationary bikes, with 1,333,418 CFU, and lastly free weights, with 1,158,381 CFU. To put that into perspective, toilets have just 3200 CFU. CFU stands for Colony Forming Units which is essentially the number of microorganisms present on the surface of a sample.

What does this mean for spaces like a spin cycle studio, where there are multiple stationary bikes? Assuming a spin studio gets in about 7 – 9 classes per day and attending that class are 15 – 35 people, that is between 105 and 315 different people riding the exercise bikes in a day. That’s A LOT of germs on A LOT of different bikes!

The solution? As the owner of a gym or fitness studio make sure you are fully stocked up on disinfectant wipes, and make sure your members understand how important it is to fully disinfect gym equipment after use!


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