Is It Safe To Take A Rideshare or a Taxi During A Pandemic?

Is It Safe To Take A Rideshare or a Taxi During A Pandemic?

Is It Safe To Take A Rideshare or a Taxi During A Pandemic?

  • On April 28, 2021
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 Unsure If Taxi’s Or RideShare Companies Are Safe?

In the midst of a pandemic, many still depend on taxi and rideshare companies for essential travel such as work or grocery shopping. However, the question arises of whether these public transportation companies have adequate procedures in place to keep passengers and drivers safe from harmful germs and viruses. We are here to answer your questions and give you the information you need to feel safe about taking public transportation for travel during the pandemic. 

What safety procedures do these companies have in place?

Taxi and rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have the safety of you and the driver as their top interest. In light of Covid-19, these companies have had to implement further procedures that their drivers and consumers must follow. This includes but is not limited to: drivers must wear a mask and sanitize their hands as frequently as possible, especially after receiving physical payments. To aid in this, some companies have even provided their drivers with disinfecting supplies so that they can ensure they have the means to disinfect their car interior in between every passenger or whenever possible. Also, it is mandatory for all riders and drivers to wear face masks and if they do not comply, they can be banned from using the service. Each company may have different procedures in place, so it is a good idea to do your own research before using a companies services. For example, Uber has an online checklist that drivers must complete before they can pick up customers. This check list ensures that their drivers are responsible for making sure their car is disinfected and they have taken the needed steps to make sure the passengers are safe. Overall, it is expected that taxi and rideshare companies have rules in place to ensure that both driver and passenger are in a safe environment.

Steps You Need To take To Ensure Your Safety While using Rideshare: 

1. Assess the Risks Involved:

Before booking, you should assess the risks involved with taking this public mode of transportation. The first thing you should determine is whether the trip you are about to take is worth the risk of exposure to Covid-19. For example, if you have to get to work and you’re an essential worker or have an essential health care appointment, then this trip would be necessary. Also, as you will be moving locations, traveling to an area with a high level of cases increases your risk of exposure the virus. Lastly, you should compare the risks that can be involved when taking a taxi compared to an Uber or Lyft. They are essentially the same but could have different sanitation policies in place, and you should choose the option that you feel will the most comfortable with. 

2.Wear PPE Equipment : 

COVID-19 can be contracted through touching a contaminated person, surface, or through the air. Since there are multiple passengers in and out of the vehicle on any given day, you should be weary that someone with COVID-19 may have been inside prior to your arrival.  By wearing a face mask and other PPE such as gloves, you are adding another layer of protection against any potential germs that may be present. For additional protection, you may choose to wear more PPE, such as a face shield or goggles, to ensure you are as protected from the airborne virus as possible. 

3. Avoid High Touch Surfaces: 

When entering a car, it is safe to assume that a lot of surfaces are contaminated due of the number of passengers per day. Thus, you should refrain from touching anything that you don’t have to and avoid touching your face with your hands. As well, you should always bring hand sanitizer and sanitize your hands before you get in and after you exit the vehicle. Also, you can bring disinfecting wipes  to wipe down high touch-points, such as door handles and seat belts, to ensure they are fully disinfected before you touch them. Our Canister of Roxton wipes or our Steriwipes would be perfect to bring with you when traveling. 

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