Are Unsanitary Workspaces Making your Workers Sick?

Are Unsanitary Workspaces Making your Workers Sick?

Are Unsanitary Workspaces Making your Workers Sick?

  • On August 19, 2019
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Germs and bacteria are the hazards you can’t see in your office, but you can bet they are there. Many employees have bad habits and employers don’t know what to look for, but germs contracted at work can lead to lower productivity, more sick days, or even worse employees coming to work sick to spread it all around.

A good dedicated employee never leaves their desk – they eat at their desk and keep their productivity up, right? Wrong – as desks, keyboards, mice, telephones, cellphones and all other office equipment found on the desk are not disinfected often or in some cases not at all. They may or may not get cleaned but the percentage that get disinfected is very low.

Other bad habits include clipping nails, sneezing or coughing openly in the cubicle without using your arm to reduce the blow. Have you ever seen someone reach into their garbage can to retrieve something? Perhaps you have done so yourself. The biggie – there are many studies out there that estimate up to 45% of workers do not wash their hands after using the restroom.

And to magnify the intensity those that work in call centres and companies that have second or third shifts thus causing employees to share the same workspace are opened up too much more germ sharing.

Next week I will discuss some key areas that you can work on and some solutions to keep your workers safe and healthy.

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!


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