At the End of the Day, the Battle Ends With YOU!

At the End of the Day, the Battle Ends With YOU!

At the End of the Day, the Battle Ends With YOU!

  • On September 19, 2019
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I write blogs and share many articles about germs and bacteria and where they can be found. Much discussion surrounds the worst hot spots and what to do. In the kitchen we have discussed sponges, sinks, and the nooks and crannies germs can hide. We have talked about the bathrooms, the toilet seats, the faucet handles and how to keep them all clean and disinfected.Then there are your cars, your offices, airlines, restaurants, theaters, and just about every public place you can think of. 

I have went into detail on identifying these areas and how to deal with them and have offered extensive explanations as to why disinfectant wipes are the best line of defense in the battle on germs. All of these things are front line solutions to eliminate the risks of getting sick.

What I want to talk about today is your last line of defense so when all else fails you can make a final stand. It is a simple process – wash your hands and wash them often. Sounds simple but it has to be done properly to be effective. You must wash your hands for approximately 25 seconds – some say to sing the happy birthday song twice to ensure that enough time has past. To wash thoroughly use warm water and a good soap and be sure to get right down between your fingers and scrub your nails and nail beds.When you dry them use an air dryer or a clean towel (paper or cloth) each time to ensure you are not receiving germs from a previous user who just did the old rinse and dry method.

When to wash you hands? Often! Wash when you get up in the morning, before you prepare food, before you eat, after you eat, when to get to work, when you get home, after you go shopping, or anytime you have been using or touching things others touch. During cold and flu season increase the frequency.

Its your battle and its up to you to win the war – wash your hands!

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!



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