Bars or Liquid … Is Soap Just Soap?

Bars or Liquid … Is Soap Just Soap?

Bars or Liquid … Is Soap Just Soap?

  • On April 7, 2020

We are sure by now you are likely washing your hands much more frequently than you have done in the past and if you are good for you!

What you need to consider is you need to keep up this regime now, in the future, and post Covid19. Hand-washing will help you avoid germs and bacteria of all sorts pandemic or not.

The debate out there is what is better – Bar Soap or Liquid Soap.

There are many articles out there that support both sides. Some say that bar soap can become contaminated with the germs of whoever used it before you and also before them. It is thought germs can live longer on a bar of soap with its damp nature post usage. There is a debate that if it does become contaminated will there be transfer to the current user and there is evidence to support both sides.

Studies such as one by the American Society for Micro Biology report that refillable liquid soaps can become contaminated when they are being refilled and thus recommend the type that uses a prefilled bag that provides a fresh nozzle with every change. 

The one big important thing to note is that with frequent hand-washing, hands can become dry, red and even cracked and sore. Liquid soaps contain moisturizers that can help alleviate the dryness better than a bar of soap.

Our Conclusion? Wash your hands and wash them oftenthe best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to keep washing. We lean to the liquid side of the equation and offer this solution in both liquid hand soap and an alcohol-free cleanser, that both come in a one-time use bag with a fresh nozzle.


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