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Clean Vs Disinfected - What's The Difference?

by Zach Govia July 27, 2020

Clean Vs Disinfected - What's The Difference?

As we all live through the new normal, there are some things that are going to be around for some time. Wearing masks and social distancing are two, and the other two are cleaning and disinfecting. But, many confuse the two. To help, we explain the key differences between the two below. This is important as just "cleaning" may not properly get rid of harmful germs and bacteria. This is when disinfection is required.


Removal of the outer layer:

The first step is cleaning any dirt, grime, or debris off of the surface.

After dirt or grime has been removed, now using soap and water wash the surface off. A towel may be handy but it can also spread germs around.

After the surface has been washed and has dried, now you disinfect. Using a disposable disinfectant wipe is the most effective, as opposed to a spray.


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Zach Govia
Zach Govia


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