Your Home is a Germ Farm!

by Jamie Pritchard July 10, 2019

Sponge cleaning

To survive humans need 3 basic things:

Food, shelter, and water, and life are pretty simple. These 3 things are also the basic necessities of germs.

Germs need nutrients for energy, water to stay hydrated, and a place to grow. Your kitchen has an item that is the perfect storm that provides these 3 conditions. Did you guess first? The image attached was the perfect clue as to their home – your kitchen sponge. The sponge contains food particles, is damp, and has a large pores surface for them to live in. For you unless you disinfect the sponge and clean it between every use are giving these germs a ride on your counter and depositing them as you go. Sponges should be avoided in the kitchen – a good disposable wet wipe will provide safer results.


Jamie Pritchard
Jamie Pritchard


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