Everything You Need To Know About The Roxton Sanitation Station

by media relations November 12, 2020

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What is the Roxton Sanitation Station (RSS) ? 

The Roxton Sanitation Station are bundles of our best-selling products that we have hand picked for our customers. The products are arranged in a cart that can be used for mobility purposes making all the products easily accessible when needed. There are three variations of our Roxton Sanitation Station. The first one being the stock version, second the standard version and then the super version. No matter which version of the Roxton Sanitation Station you chose, it guarantees amazing value compared to the price. 

Who should purchase the Roxton Sanitation Station? 

The Roxton Sanitation Station  is a great way to test out a bunch of different products all at once. Businesses that are looking for a new disinfecting routine or are trying to make their current routine more budget friendly and effective should definitely give the Roxton Sanitation Station a try. 

What benefits does Roxton Sanitation Station have besides offering excellent value? 

The Roxton Sanitation Station eliminates the hassle of individually buying separate products. It is a one stop solution  shopping for all disinfecting products needed to keep your business safe. 

Which version of the Roxton Sanitation Station would Roxton recommend? 

We recommend purchasing an Roxton Sanitation Station based on your business’s needs. That’s the reason we have three versions of the Roxton Sanitation Station so that our valuable customers can choose which one would best suit their needs. 


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