Five Forgotten Places

by Yvette Ford April 05, 2017

Five Forgotten Places

Five forgotten places that can be cleaned with Roxton Wipes
We all have those places in our homes that get overlooked from time to time.  The great thing is that they are easy to clean with Roxton Wipes! It feels great to know that it only takes a few minutes out of your busy day to clean up these five forgotten places.
Under the Sinks (Kitchen Sink, Bathroom Sinks and Laundry Room Sink)
Make sure you clear out any expired items first.  Then organize by placing items in plastic containers to keep the shelves easy to clean. Remove containers and wipe with Roxton Wipes to disinfect the area. Make sure to use a wipe to clean the ring around the drain (and stopper if you have one built-in) and the hole for the water overflow drain as well.
Window Wells (Door Tracks and Sliding Door Tracks)
Clean windows and remove from the tracks if possible. Use Roxton Wipes with a cleaning toothbrush to push the wipe into the crevices of the track. Let the track dry before reinstalling the windows. Roxton Wipes are strong enough not to leave fibres behind when doing tough cleaning.
Air Return Vents and Light Switches
Remove the air return vent with a screwdriver. Use a Roxton Wipe with your cleaning toothbrush to clean between the slats of the air return vent. Reinstall the vent. Wipe down light switches when turned on and turned off so that they get thoroughly cleaned. Since our wipes are made of a high-quality substrate you could clean all the light switches in your home with just one wipe!
Dishwasher Door Wall (on the inside)
Open the dishwasher.  Use a Roxton Wipe to clean the door and the sides of the door. Roxton Wipes are tough enough to scrub off all the hardened food that has collected along the door seals and near the hinge.  Also, wipe around the buttons and handle to sanitize these forgotten areas. 
Under the Fridge and Freezers (Vents and Seals)
Move the fridge from its original position.  Sweep and mop underneath but then use a Roxton Wipe to clean the bottom of the fridge and freezer.  Use wipes to clean the seals around the doors of the fridge and freezer.  Take off any vents and use a wipe with a cleaning toothbrush to clean off any built-up debris. Remember to wipe down any marks and residue left by hard water with a wipe as well.
Roxton Wipes will stay moist and useable for 2 years so they are the best cleaning product you can have in your cleaning cupboard!
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Yvette Ford
Yvette Ford


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