How can a doorknob be dangerous you ask?

by Jamie Pritchard June 26, 2019

Brown door numbered 13, with a door knob

A plethora of germs and bacteria can be found living, surviving, and breeding on a typical door knob – IN YOUR HOME! This can lead to the spreading of illness to everyone who dares to open that door. It should also be no surprise to anyone that public doorknobs have more germs than those in your home which makes sense as there is more contact, and more contact means more sharing!  More than 30% of people using restrooms in New York airports, 19% of those in Miami's airport and 27% in Chicago are not bothering to wash their hands, according to researchers who observed the hand washing habits of 7,500 people as they passed through airports in six cities

It is best to avoid touching doorknobs on bathroom doors, to avoid spreading germs. It is suggested to always carry a tissue to open the doors of public restrooms. If everyone washed every time this issue would b minimized.


Jamie Pritchard
Jamie Pritchard


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