How To Clean Electronic Devices:

by media relations December 11, 2019

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Given that electronic devices get used daily, it is inevitable for them to eventually get a little bit dirty....

We saw this happening every single day with our own devices in our office and after investigating methods to clean our devices, like laptop screens and phones, we realised that a lot of the methods were extremely over complicated.

We developed Roxton’s Screen wipes to simplify the cleaning of electronic devices as well as make a cost-effective electronic cleaning method available.

To Clean Your Laptop Screen:

  1. Ensure the display is off so you can better see all of the dirty spots and smudges.
  2. Grab your Roxton Industries Screen Wipe and begin to wipe out the areas with dirty build up, taking care not to apply too much pressure.
  3. If some spots are being more stubborn and don’t want to clean, moisten the wipe just a little bit.
  4. NEVER spray the screen with anything and NEVER use anything that isn’t anti-static.


To Clean Your Smartphone Screen:

  1. Make sure the screen is black, so you can better see the smudges and debris.
  2. If your device has a case ensure you remove it.
  3. Using a Roxton Industries Anti-Static Screen Wipe, completely wipe down the entirety of the device’s screen. You can use more pressure on a touch screen as they are meant to be touched and can take a bit more pressure.
  4. Once again, never use large amounts of a liquid to clean the device’s screen. You will risk damaging its electronic components.

  Roxton Screen Wipes

Roxton Industries Screen Wipes are your best bet when it comes to giving your electronic device’s screen a quick clean. Anti-Static and slightly saturated, Screen Wipes can make all the difference to your device’s life if used consistently.


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