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Is your Airbnb Clean?

by Yvette Ford March 28, 2017

Is your Airbnb Clean?

Is your Airbnb Clean?

From yurts to palaces, from urban condos to cozy seaside cottages, Airbnb touts to have an accommodation that’s right for you. Since they are located worldwide the business and clientele are diverse. So how can you be sure when you turn in for the night that where you rest your head is your standard of clean?
Research the Airbnb
Check out the cleanliness ratings that are posted on the Airbnb website.   The reviews can be very detailed and there can be many of them, so take your time to go through them thoroughly.
Check out the location
Become familiar with the area you will be visiting. That includes knowing the exact neighbourhood, not just the city.  Check out the Things to Do reviews on TripAdvisor of the area and attractions close by where you are visiting. This will give you first hand knowledge of the area and then what to expect from customs and local eccentricities.
 Contact the Airbnb host
You can contact the host through the Airbnb website or through Facebook and ask them specific questions about the cleaning process. You can ask who cleans between visits?  Do they tidy or disinfect? What products do they use? Have you had any complaints about cleanliness in the past? If so, what have they done to correct the problem?
Bring your own cleaners
Ultimately you should protect the investment of your vacation and take our Roxton Wipes with you when you travel and wipe down all surfaces before unpacking.  The most common places to clean are the door knobs, counters, light switches, television remotes and bathroom surfaces. Wipes are the perfect travel companion because they have the right concentration of disinfectant to kill most bacteria and viruses that can ruin your trip. For cents per wipe versus the downside of losing valuable days on your vacation, it is a fail-proof way of taking matters into your own hands.
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Yvette Ford
Yvette Ford


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