PPE- The New Fashion

by media relations October 02, 2020

a person wearing ppe equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become a fashion statement throughout the world. Luxury designers, retailers, small-business owners, and high street fashion brands have quickly jumped on this bandwagon and optimized their products according to their consumer’s needs. A matching mask can look super cute and chic with your outfit, but when it comes to quality, are you compromising just to make a fashion statement? We recommend that you do a combination of quality and fashion!

Our Roxton PPE fashion line has a pick for everyone. Our top sellers are:

  • Easy Shield Protective Face Shield: Easy shield is a face shield that is unlike anything in the market because it uses what almost every Canadian family has, a baseball hat and attaches to that, hence the name Easy shield! Easy shield helps protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from water droplets from other people’s respiration and likewise prevents your transmission to others.  Easy shield can also be used in situations where safety glasses are required, such as chain sawing or weed-wacking.
  • Deluxe Face Shield: Medically tested and built to federal guidelines, the Deluxe Face Shield will last for one time use in a medical setting or multiple time use in a non-medical setting with proper use and care.
  • Protective Face Shield: Protect your employees, customers, and loved ones from airborne contaminants with an economy priced face shield.
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media relations
media relations


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