The Reality Of Gyms Open During COVID

by media relations September 21, 2020

person attempting to lift weights

Gyms have opened across Ontario, but the question that prevails is that are they safe to visit? The reality is that gyms are considered to be high risk facilities not only because they provide a breeding ground to viruses, but they can also spread germs if they are not correctly disinfected.

It can be extremely challenging to disinfect a gym because there are so many high touch points and areas of high traffic. The workout machines and equipment have different surfaces plus some might have stands or handles and disinfecting them would be a labour-intensive job.

The good part is that Roxton Industries has solutions that can make gyms a fairly safer place. We highly recommend that gym-owners should invest in a fogger which with the help of a disinfectant liquid creates a disinfecting fog. Our recommendation for gym owners would be to try out our Heavy Duty ULV fogger. Here is how it would augment your disinfection routine:

  • It is designed for large spaces including outdoor use.
  • This fogger comes with adjustable output, so that the user can determine how much of the solution is emitted. 
  • Higher spaces are covered.
  • Can project solution up to 10 meters.
  • If your space is more than 2500 square feet, this would be an excellent choice. 

The Heavy-Duty Fogger is perfect for gyms, offices, bowling alleys, entertainment centers, salons, retail, clinics, and a lot more. Higher spaces are covered as well as this fogger can project solution up to 10 meters! If your space is more than 2500 square feet, this would be an excellent choice.


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media relations
media relations


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