Top 5 Things You Should Be Disinfecting At Your Restaurant

by media relations May 21, 2020

restaurant tables

With the Restaurant Industry beginning to reopen, it is very important that precautions are taken to continue to help reduce the spread of COVID19 and other harmful bacteria. We have created a top five list of things you should be wiping down to help you.


  1. The Menu – This is often overlooked by many, but is one of the most touched items in a restaurant,
  2. The Ketchup Bottle – Very much like the menu, the ketchup bottle is touched many times and often not wipes down enough.
  3. Chairs/Booths – Places where customers sit down are high touch surfaces and should have a very high level of disinfection.
  4. Door Handles – Whether it’s the bathroom, the front door, or the door to the kitchen, all of the handles should be disinfected often.
  5. Tablets/Phones – For the restaurants that have their workers using tablets or phones, remember that these should be constantly wipes down.


If P.P.E. is available, which we recommend, it is important that your staff is using their P.P.E. properly. Masks and face shields should be worn properly if necessary, and hand sanitizer should be used when entering and leaving an area, and whenever else necessary.

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media relations
media relations


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