Top Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Disinfecting Fogger:

by Jon Hodge August 27, 2020

Top Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Disinfecting Fogger:

Disinfection has become a part of many businesses' daily operational routines. There are many benefits to using a disinfectant fogger, but we have narrowed it down to three!  

1: Saved Time.  

Disinfectant Foggers WILL save you time in the long run. Using spray solutions or just wipes (doing everything by hand) will take a very long time. Using a fogger will take a matter of minutes and can get those hard to reach spaces much quicker. 

2. Saved Money.

The initial cost of a fogger may seem like a lot - but it is a one time cost! The fogging unit itself lasts years when maintained properly, and the only recurring cost is the Disinfectant. When compared, fogging is actually cheaper than using just spray disinfectants/wipes. Our suggestion? Use a combination of both to optimize your disinfecting routines at your business. 

3. Ease of Use. 

Our foggers require no setup and are extremely simple to use. All you need to do is fill the tanks with disinfecting solution and plug the unit. We put the power of disinfection services into your hands.


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Jon Hodge
Jon Hodge


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