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Business Reopening - Training

by Zach Govia May 19, 2020

Business Reopening - Training

With various businesses beginning to open such as golf courses and retail stores, it is important that a high level of sanitization is up-kept and that the employees are ensuring this. To help businesses, we have decided to create a guide on what to disinfect so they can efficiently train their staff.

What to wipe: EVERYTHING that could be considered a "High-Touch" surface in your workplace. Here are just a few examples:

Kitchen Area: Coffee pot/maker, sink, dishwasher, toaster, oven, water jug, countertops

Bathrooms: Sink, door handles, paper towel handles, toilet handle

Work Area: Desk, chairs, writing utensils, drink bottle, computer mouse, hardcover binder, phone case 

These should all be wiped at least 5 times a day, or whenever touching something out of the ordinary. Areas that can come into contact with food should be wiped down with water after disinfection has taken place.

If P.P.E. is available, which we recommend, it is important that your staff is using their P.P.E. properly. Masks and face shields should be worn properly if necessary, and hand sanitizer should be used when entering and leaving an area, and whenever else necessary.

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Zach Govia
Zach Govia


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