Do You Know The Difference? Clean vs Disinfected Products?

Do You Know The Difference? Clean vs Disinfected Products?

Do You Know The Difference? Clean vs Disinfected Products?

  • On March 10, 2020
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Are You Cleaning or Disinfecting Your Surfaces Properly?

We all want to think we live in a clean environment. While that may be true, with the recent anniversary of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is a good time to remind people about the difference between clean and disinfected. Check out this video on “Why do you Wipe” asked to some of our customers! Same question to us? Well, harmful bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19, can not only survive, but they can thrive in certain “clean” environments. Below we will help educate you on the proper steps to make sure your surfaces are clean and disinfected, ensuring harmful bacteria and viruses can’t survive.

The Short Story: Do You Follow The Three Important Steps?

Step 1: Removal of the outer layer.

The first step is cleaning any dirt, grime, or debris off of the surface.

Step 2: Cleaning.

After dirt, grime and debris has been removed, now using soap and water wash the surface off. A towel may be handy but it can also spread germs around.

Step 3: Disinfecting.

After the surface has been washed and has dried, now you disinfect. Using a disposable disinfectant wipe is the most effective, though fogging also works well and may be more economical in certain scenarios.

Now that we have shown you the proper steps to cleaning and disinfecting your high touch surfaces, remember to wash your hands after the process.

The Long Story: What Really Happens During Each Step?

Step 1: Imagine eating pineapple at the table. After eating this delicious snack your countertop looks clean but it is really sticky. That stickiness is sugar that creates an outer layer of dirt, grime or debris that is left on your surfaces. Cleaning can be achieve after this step if we brush or wipe the surface with dry rags, paper towels or if you’re in the market for a great product to do it all, check out our Roxton Wipes.

Step 2: Before you sit at the dinner table do you ever check to see if it is clean? It may look clean but dirt, grime or debris can build up in different places of the table. This step is simply using a cloth and soap in an circular motion, doing this will remove the outer layer and any excess dirt, grime or debris that is slowly built up before your begin to eat your dinner. It is important to stay on top of cleaning surfaces so these contaminants don’t get into your food.

Step 3: If someone in your household has COVID-19 disinfecting high- touch surfaces as soon as possible is important! Disinfectant works to kill germs and viruses.  By using disinfectant constantly and thoroughly we are able to kill the viruses that touch the hard surfaces in your home or workspace. This will result in creating a clean and virus free environment for you and those around you.

 With the mass amounts of misinformation being spread about the coronavirus, please, do not believe just anything you read. Check the source to ensure their credibility, where the information is coming from, and do further research. The WHO and CDC are the best places to gather factual information. This is where Roxton Industries gets our constantly updated information, along with reputable and credible news sources. Follow the link below to read where we got our information from!

World Health Organization 

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