Top 5 items you NEED to clean in your warehouse.

Top 5 items you NEED to clean in your warehouse.

Top 5 items you NEED to clean in your warehouse.

  • On January 20, 2020

-Written by our warehouse manager

For those of us working in a warehouse environment, we are no strangers to dirt.  Cardboard boxes create dust, wooden crates leave bits of wood, and delivery drivers track it in from outside all year round. While we are often very proactive with our cleaning regiments, we may not give much thought to disinfecting while we clean. 

Here are 5 places you can use a wipe to disinfect a warehouse in order to keep you and your co-workers safe from infection and harmful germs.

  1. Forklift, powerlift and pumpjack handles:  Multiple people with and without gloves touch these areas every day, easily transferring germs to and from the handles.
  2. Tape guns: No warehouse is complete without one of these.  Depending on the size of your facility, multiple people across different shifts can handle these throughout the day.
  3. Box cutters: Although most people are territorial about these handy little cutting tools, they can get dropped on dirty floors, borrowed by co-workers, and become contaminated with germs.
  4. Pens and markers: These things never stay with the same person long, even finding themselves in and out of the office area. This makes it perfect for spreading germs throughout multiple departments.
  5. Scanning guns: Despite being an impressive piece of technology, they can easily get contaminated by germs with multiple employees handling them.

Part of keeping a warehouse organized is a good cleaning routine, but it’s equally important to think about disinfecting these areas so everyone can stay healthy while they work.

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