All-In-One Sanitization Solutions

Roxton Stock Sanitization Station - Mobile Cart

Roxton's All-in-one Sanitization Solution is here. Boasting 15% in savings, the Stock  Sanitization Station is the perfect solution for your business's sanitation needs - it includes the basics of what you need to stay on top of your rigorous sanitization schedule. 

What Is Included? 

Roxton's Standard Sanitization Station comes standard with:

  • Minion Fogger Cordless Fogger Bundle (Comes with 2 Batteries) 
  • 1 Gallon of EnvironNize Anolyte Fogger Solution
  • Roxton Bucket Dispenser PRELOADED with Roxton Wipes
  • SFS Handpump - 500ml
  • SFS Sanitizer - 4L
  • Medical Mask
  • 10 pack of Faceshields
  • Mobile Station