Five Places Germs Linger in Your Office

Five Places Germs Linger in Your Office

Five Places Germs Linger in Your Office

  • On October 23, 2019
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It is inevitable that harmful germs and bacteria can be anywhere. Since these germs are invisible to the naked eye, it’s impossible to know where exactly they are. However, if you learn the locations where they are mostly likely to hide, then you can more effectively target those spaces in order to reduce your risk as much as possible.

The office is a space where many people spend their day, interact with others, and share common spaces. To help you be more aware of where germs may be lingering in your office, we’ve pulled together a list of the most common bacteria infested hot spots in the office. With this knowledge, you can better disinfect your office and keep yourself and other protected!


The desk is the area where an employee will spend the majority of their time in the office, which is why it takes our number one spot.  A study done by a Doctor at the University of Arizona found that there were up to 25000 organisms living on the surfaces we use daily at our offices. At a desk, the high touch point areas such as phones, mice, keyboards, and pens, and more likely to house germs, so be sure to clean these often!


Many offices have a shared kitchen area. While it’s nice to have an area to store and prepare food and drinks, this space is ideal for germs to be hiding. For one, the fridges contain a lot of various foods, are opened frequently by many people. High touch point areas such as the fridge handle, sink handle, and cupboards may be overlooked and should be targeted while disinfecting. In fact, 48% of microwave handles are contaminated with bacteria. Dishwashers should also be targeted as they are filled by people who have just eaten – did they wash their hands before grabbing the handle?

Mugs/Water Bottles

Re-usable water bottles and mugs are office essentials, but how often do you actually wash your water bottle? Did you know that bacteria can grow in water? 60% of bacteria in a refillable water bottle can be potentially harmful. For mugs, the same thing can happen and there is even more risk if the mug is not your own. If possible, use a dishwasher to properly clean and disinfect your mug before use!

Door Knobs

This one may seem obvious, but is especially important in an office setting where many people frequent. A study done by Rentokil Initial showed 1 out of 4 people in an office do not wash their hands properly after using the bathroom – ick! Plus, the Flu virus can live up to 24 hours on door handles, so be cautious of disinfecting those handles frequently. To help keep them free of germs to begin with, ensure you are implementing proper hand washing, especially after using the bathroom. To learn about proper hand hygiene and it’s importance, read our blog, The 101 On Proper Hand Hygiene.

Photo Copiers

The average photocopier/print station is touched 300 times per day. There can be as many as 1,200,013 colony-forming units (CFU) on the start button alone. Proper hand hygiene can reduce how much bacteria lives on photocopiers.


Now that you know the top areas where germs live in your office, we hope you will consider using Roxton Industries for all of your disinfecting wipe needs.


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Lee Paladin
Refrigerators I knew can be loaded with bacteria but hadn't considered microwave handles. Door handles yes, my desk no. Photocopier button no, keypads on certain doors yes though I know sprays can not be used on these. Disinfectant wipes are great for getting those germs on so many surfaces. Thanks from Kinzua Environmental.

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