Five Places Germs Linger in Your Office:

Five Places Germs Linger in Your Office:

Five Places Germs Linger in Your Office:

  • On October 23, 2019
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Germs are every where, that is inevitable. But if you learn where they hide then you can properly deal with them. We’ve pulled together a list of the most bacteria infested hot spots in the office so you can better disinfect your office and keep it germ free!


  • A study done by a Doctor at the University of Arizona found that there were up to 25000 organisms living on the surfaces we use daily at our offices.
  • Phones, mice, keyboards, pens, and more are commonly touched places so clean these often! 


  • Fridges contain lots of food, are opened by many people.
  • 48% of microwave handles are contaminated with bacteria.
  • Dishwashers are filled by people who have just eaten. Did they wash their hands before grabbing the handle?

Mugs/Water Bottles

  • How often do you actually wash your water bottle? Bacteria can grow in water.
  • 60% of bacteria in a refillable water bottle can be potentially harmful.
  • If possible, use a dishwasher to clean your mug!

Door Knobs

  • A Study done by Rentokil Initial showed 1 out of 4 people in an office do not wash their hands properly after using the bathroom! 
  • The Flu virus can live up to 24 hours on door handles.

Photo Copiers

  • The average photocopier/print station is touched 300 times per day.
  • 1,200,013 CFU on the start button alone.
  • Proper hand washing can reduce how much bacteria lives on photocopiers.

Now that you have an idea of just how many places there are that germs live in the office, we hope you will consider properly disinfecting using a Industrial Disinfectant Wipe from us at Roxton Industries. 

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Lee Paladin
Refrigerators I knew can be loaded with bacteria but hadn't considered microwave handles. Door handles yes, my desk no. Photocopier button no, keypads on certain doors yes though I know sprays can not be used on these. Disinfectant wipes are great for getting those germs on so many surfaces. Thanks from Kinzua Environmental.

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