Why Should You Use A Foaming Soap?

Why Should You Use A Foaming Soap?

Why Should You Use A Foaming Soap?

  • On April 13, 2020

When it comes to pumping soaps and cleansers there are two main options: Liquid soaps and Foaming soaps. 

Foaming hand soap is actually a form of liquid hand soap. It is a liquid soap that is infused with air to create a rich and foamy lather as it leaves the dispenser. Foaming dispensers are required to use foaming hand soap properly.

By infusing the soap with air, less soap is needed to generate a lather and thus less soap is used per wash. As many leave the water running while generating the lather to wash their hands you may use less water washing your hands, because the lather and rinse process is shorter than with regular liquid hand soap. In fact, you can just use foaming soaps and cleanser to lather without wetting your hands thus you will only need water to rinse the soap, grime, and dirt away!  Roxton water-less cleanser uses no water thus it is better for the environment and can be used anywhere. As foaming hand soaps and cleansers use just air to create the rich, foamy lather, no artificial foaming agents or chemicals need to be added.

Foaming hand soap is more cost-effective! As it is air-infused, you need less to wash your hands, it means that you are wasting less and buying less soap! Foaming hand soap dispensers are created to release less soap than regular soap dispensers do.


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