MERRY CHRISTMAS – Staying Germ Free this Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS – Staying Germ Free this Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS – Staying Germ Free this Christmas.

  • On December 24, 2019

Today is Christmas day for some, the middle of Hanukah for others, and a number of other celebrations for our diverse cultures and countries around the globe. You may have a house full of people in tight quarters or you may be at a gathering at someone else’s home filled with friends and relatives. You may also had a visitor that showed up in the night while you were sleeping – yes the little old man in the red suit! Last night he visited approximately 1.5-2 billion families (give or take) going about his business of spreading spirit and joy!

So why are these facts relevant to the President of a disinfectant wipe company?

It is quite simple, as we are in the middle of the cold and flu season and celebrating a time of year with plenty of handshakes and hugs. Lots of great feasts being prepared and shared. With all this close contact we run the risk of sharing our germs along with the Holiday Joy. Then there is Santa who has been popping up and down chimneys possible spreading more than spirit and joy!

Whatever can you do to stay safe and healthy during the festive times?

  1. Wash your hands and wash them often during the holidays!
  2. Keep surfaces disinfected as well as clean with good quality wipes.
  3. Most of all travel safe and enjoy this time of year with your friends and family.

On behalf of Roxton Industries and all of our staff and their families I would like to wish you a safe and a happy holiday season. I look forward to connecting with all of you in 2020.

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