How To Keep Your Restaurant Safe Amidst A Pandemic

How To Keep Your Restaurant Safe Amidst A Pandemic

How To Keep Your Restaurant Safe Amidst A Pandemic

  • On December 30, 2021

Living through the Covid-19 Pandemic has been tough for all, but the food service industry was affected greatly due to the high risk within restaurant environments. Now that restaurant dining has returned to somewhat normal operations, precautions must be taken in order to reduce the risk of transmission as much as possible for staff and customers. As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to create a safe working environment. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers have an obligation to protect workers from hazards in the workplace which include the hazard of infectious diseases. 

This blog will serve as a useful resource for restaurant owners searching for safety plans and suitable products to achieve a safe and disinfected environment. 

As a best practice, it is essential to understand the manner of risk that Covid-19 poses. The key risk factors for transmission include close proximity, long exposure, crowded spaces, closed spaces, and forceful exhalation. All of these factors contribute to increasing the risk of transmission and should always be considered. 

To combat these risks, multiple safety measures should be implemented. If you haven’t already, you must develop and follow a COVID-19 safety plan. Information on creating one and sector-specific l resources can be found at Ontario’s Covid-19 Workplace Health and Safety. To achieve a safe workplace and environment for customers, you will need to obtain adequate supplies to kill any harmful germs and viruses. 

Personal Protective Equipment 

One of the most important safety measures is the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE such as masks and face shields can help to protect the wearer from exposure to the virus and may be required when other control measures, such as physical distancing, cannot be maintained. 

A mask is the most commonly used PPE and can be used as a workplace control measures in two ways: as source control, meaning that it helps to protect others around the wearer, or as a PPE, meaning that it is worn to protect oneself from others. You will need to assess relevant factors in your workplace to determine the purpose of masks or other PPE. Not all masks are suitable for both purposes, so you need to consider how the mask will be used in order to select an appropriate mask. 

In general, a 3-ply disposable face mask will be the most suitable for service workers since they are budget-friendly and more sanitary as  employees can avoid the hassle of having to clean reusable cloth masks in between each use. Depending upon the individual needs and risks within your restaurant, you may consider using an N95 mask. N95 masks are the most effective type of mask to protect oneself as they are more than 95% effective in filtering tiny airborne particles. 

Disinfecting Wipes

For hard, non-porous surfaces such as tables, countertops, and chairs, disinfecting wipes will be the most effective method of disinfection. Since these high touch surfaces will need to be disinfected frequently throughout the day, we recommend using a disinfection wipe as opposed to a trigger spray bottle and towel, as it is the more effective method of disinfection. In a busy restaurant environment, wipes are the preferred method because pre-saturated wipes ensure that the proper level of disinfection is achieved, they are easy and simple for staff to use, and they mitigate the risk of getting disinfection liquid sprayed on surfaces not intended for. To learn more about why wipes are more effective, read our blog: Wipes Vs Spray and Paper Towels

Now that you’ve established wipes as your method of disinfection for these surfaces, you will want to make sure that the products you are using are registered with Health Canada for use against COVID-19. View the list at the Government of Canada’s website.  

At Roxton, we carry a line of four different disinfecting wipes. We recommend the use of our Roxton brand premium disinfectant wipes as they are approved by Health Canada to kill the human coronavirus – the virus that causes COVID-19. Our wipes are made with a high quality, extra thick embossed substrate meaning that will last under the toughest jobs. Plus, they are non-scented, and contain no bleach, alcohol, or phenol, making them ideal for use in restaurants. 

Disinfecting Foggers

The last product that we recommend adding to your disinfection routine is a disinfecting fogger. The technology of disinfecting foggers works to spray a fine mist of disinfectant liquid that will quickly and effectively disinfect any and all surfaces in your restaurant. The advantage of foggers is that they are both cost effective and time efficient so that you can spend your money and time in other places. 

At Roxton, we carry a range of disinfecting foggers to suit a variety of needs depending upon the size and operations of your restaurant. Here is a quick breakdown of our disinfectant foggers:

  • The Minion Cordless Fogger: A cordless, handheld cold fogger that comes with two rechargeable batteries. The freedom to operate without cords is a huge advantage with this fogger. It has an effective spray distance of 10 feet, a 1.8L reservoir, and will last through 25-30 minutes of operation with one battery.
  • The Nano Atomizer Fogger: A handheld dry fogger perfect for smaller spaces. Due to the dry fogging technology, this would be ideal for restaurants with electronics such as POS systems or tablets.
  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogger: Roxton’s ULV cold fogger is perfect for larger spaces. This fogger has an effective spray distance of 16 feet, a 1.6L reservoir, and a 15ft long cord. We also carry a Deluxe ULV fogger, and a Heavy Duty ULV Fogger for even larger spaces.

All of the foggers above will allow you to achieve a new level of clean within your restaurant which will help to make yourself, staff, and customers feel more comfortable.


We hope you will consider using Roxton Industries for all of your disinfecting needs.


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