If you eat in a restaurant you are not safe from germs!

If you eat in a restaurant you are not safe from germs!

If you eat in a restaurant you are not safe from germs!

  • On November 19, 2018
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You have the midday hunger pains and you want to step out and get a bite to eat. So, besides a delicious meal what else is in store for you. That’s right a full serving of germs and bacteria. The number one way of passing germs is through your hands, nope not through a cough or a sneeze, but by touching things others have touched.

Let’s break it down – first, you grab the door handle, which hundreds or perhaps thousands have touched in the preceding days depositing, mixing and sharing an evil concoction of germs for you to draw from. The next thing you will likely touch is the chair – now the servers and bus people always wipe down the tables but not usually the chairs so there is lots of stuff to share there.

Now that you are comfortably seated with germs crawling around, you reach for it – THE MENU! Oh dear menus are touched, prodded, folded, and poked by everyone and are rarely cleaned. Never mind the sharing platter you are in full force share mode by touching and holding the menu.

The restaurant restroom is not the biggest problem, probably because it is frequently and professionally cleaned so we won’t even discuss it today – let’s stay at the table. Your delicious food arrives hot and full of enticing aroma. Then you go for it – the condiments – and guess what? Condiments are not usually washed down so as we all know too much salt can harm you, what is on the outside of the shaker can literally kill you, that squirt of delicious red liquid that makes those fries so sweet and savoury gives you hands on germs to think about.

Now your meal is done, and the bill comes on a, or in a nice little presentation device that again rarely get wiped down. Pay cash and you are touching money which we all know is dirty. Pay by charge card and you are going to have to push buttons that have been touched by others. A battle you cant win!

Well, I don’t want to spoil your day, just food for thought. Bon Appetite!

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!


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