In honour of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In honour of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In honour of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • On January 18, 2021

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a civil rights activist who spoke about poverty, ending racism, strengthening community and creating a mutual understanding and love between people. With this in mind this day is intended for all to come together and bond to help your neighbours, friends, and enemies!

This quote, and the power behind it,  lives on from so many years ago but it still holds true today. We live in a selfish world where so many people put themselves first. People weigh what’s in it for them before they make decisions and take actions. People want to be at the front of the line, without taking their turn waiting for it.

Let’s all bond together, starting today, and from this day going forward let’s find some common ground and work together on whatever we can do to make this a better place for others.

During this pandemic time I can’t think of anything easier and simpler you can do to help others around you than to wear a mask when you go out in public. As doctors, nurses, paramedics, first responders and all frontline essential staff do there part is it really too much to ask of you?

Lets work on Dr. Kings dream!

Martin Luther King speaking to an audience


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