Mental Health Awareness Week – COVID19

Mental Health Awareness Week – COVID19

Mental Health Awareness Week – COVID19

  • On October 7, 2020

Most of us can agree that the Coronavirus pandemic has affected our mental health at one point or the other. This mental health awareness week, we want to bring some important reminders to attention and encourage you all to let go of the unwanted stress.

  • Following safety protocols: If you are following all the safety protocols outlined by your public health unit, you have nothing to worry about. Unwanted stress can occur as a result of overthinking about situations. Make sure you wear a mask in public places, carry a personal hand sanitizer, and always maintain a distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Ensuring consistent disinfection practices: It is important to understand the difference between consistent and constant disinfection. Consistent disinfection would ensure that you are disinfecting after every use or exposure whereas constant or too much disinfection can lead to overthinking. We encourage you to find ways of augmenting your disinfecting routine and making it efficient, cost effective, and less time consuming. Take a look at our Foggers as an additional step to your daily disinfecting routine.
  • Avoiding unnecessary gatherings: Social gatherings have been proved time and again as one of the causes of outbreaks. It is difficult to maintain social distancing, wearing masks, and disinfecting surfaces throughout close quartered events like parties. We suggest that you go outdoors, do a drive-in theatre experience, or even a front porch get together.
  • Avoiding non-essential travel: Travelling outside the country is not recommended at all until it’s absolutely a necessity. The spread of the Coronavirus is a global issue and most countries are entering in stage 2. Delaying travel plans to when it’s safe to travel is our recommendation, so that the anxiety and stress levels about quarantining for 14 days can be reduced afterwards.
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