Life after Covid19 – Destination Unknown

Life after Covid19 – Destination Unknown

Life after Covid19 – Destination Unknown

  • On April 22, 2020

Are we there YET?

There is evidence supported by numbers we are reaching a plateau. We will be levelling off in this fight and the downhill slope may be on the horizon. As I sit down to my computer, half way through week 7 of working from home, self isolation and social distancing, I ponder just what life will be like after Covid19.

From a business standpoint it does not feel like we have missed a beat, with some of us working at home and essential staff in our warehouse to process every day business. In retrospect, it feels like perhaps we have had as much, if not more daily contact with each other through short conference calls, video chats, messaging, and other forms of chat. Our customers have all been served, phone calls answered, and requests dealt with. Through the many business meetings and training seminars via video conferencing, my days have been very productive and positive.

A New Reality

From a personal perspective, social distancing and contactless living has been simple and efficient. We have had family conference calls and video chats to keep in touch while we have to be apart. I have had an online doctor’s appointment with diagnosis and new prescriptions provided and old ones refilled. Our drugstore has been delivering all of our prescriptions right to our door and leaving them on the porch after knocking. I have been getting all of our groceries through online ordering and curbside pickup (no delivery in our area). We have tried many new local restaurants using Skip the Dishes, which has been a great way to help local businesses. My wife even took our puppy for a very unique contactless veterinarian appointment.

Our news stories are filled with facts, figures, and a plethora of opinions which we are bombarded by until we think our heads are going to explode. The only break came tragically as a mass shooting unfolded in Nova Scotia, leaving us with a sobering void in our hearts and a jolt back to a different reality.

Is this the “New Normal”?

Some are saying with our newfound way of living we truly may be developing a “new normal“. Perhaps we will keep many of our newfound ways of conducting business. Online shopping may just maintain much of its increase in usage going forward. Perhaps doctors will be able to save time and expenses on continuing with online appointments for some of the routine visits. Restaurants may find a new rejuvenated delivery business continuing on with third party delivery.

Whatever the future brings, we can all hope this newfound plateau is a short one and the downhill slope to follow is a steep drop down. Life after Covid19 is coming, and no one knows what lies in the road ahead. What we do know is it won’t be too soon for all of us.


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