Myth Busters: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Myth Busters: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Myth Busters: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • On February 5, 2020

The novel coronavirus is spreading fast, but misinformation about the virus may be spreading even faster. At Roxton Industries, we are do our best to separate facts from fiction. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from the World Health Organization’s website to debunk some myths:

Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China?

Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. According to the WHO and previous research, coronaviruses do not survive long on objects like letters or packages.

Can pets at home spread the new coronavirus (COVID-19)?

There is no evidence that pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands and disinfect spaces your pets have been, as it will protect you from other harmful bacteria.

Do vaccines against pneumonia protect you against the new coronavirus?

No, vaccines against pneumonia do not provide protection against the novel coronavirus.

The virus is so new and different that it will need its own vaccine. Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, and WHO is supporting their efforts.

Can gargling mouthwash protect you from infection with the new coronavirus?

No. There is no evidence that using mouthwash will protect you from infection with the new coronavirus or any viruses/ harmful bacteria.

Are there any specific medicines to prevent or treat the new coronavirus?

To date, there is no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

However, those infected with the virus should receive appropriate care to relieve and treat symptoms, and those with severe illness should receive supportive care. No, antibiotics do not help the coronavirus as it is viral, not bacterial. But, they can be used to help the treatment of any progression the coronavirus takes.

With the mass amounts of misinformation being spread about the coronavirus, please, do not believe just anything you read. Check the source to ensure their credibility, where the information is coming from, and do further research. The WHO and CDC are the best places to gather factual information. This is where Roxton Industries gets our constantly updated information, along with reputable and credible news sources. Follow the link below to read where we got our information from!


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