All-In-One Sanitization Solutions

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Our All-In-One Solutions are cleaning and sanitizing systems that are tailor made to service a specific industry as a All-In-One Solution to their hygiene and sanitation needs. Our extensive market research which includes interviews with subject matter experts, feedback from customers and research conducted by others in our field allows us to be innovative and ahead of the curve ensuring that our customers get the best possible service and products from their friends here at Roxton Industries.

Roxton is proud to be one of the leading cleaning solution suppliers in Canada. Our all-in-one solutions are a great way to get exactly the items you need for disinfecting your business at more affordable prices when bundled together. Roxton’s All-in-one Sanitization Solution offers savings off of the separate purchase price of the components and includes a trolley cart so that all of your disinfecting products have a home. The overall package contains a minimum of a fogger, disinfecting solution for the fogger, disinfecting wipes, alcohol based hand sanitizer in portable and refill size, medical masks, face shields, and of course the mobile cart.  The cart allows you to go mobile with your disinfecting product and take them to where the job needs to be done. Sanitization Stations include everything you need to stay on top of your rigorous sanitization schedule. And never fear as you deplete your supplies, and need to reorder all items are regular stock items here at Roxton.

We currently put together our Sanitation Stations to service the needs of our customers in the following industries; Gyms, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices and Government Facilities. Do you need an All-In-One Solution for your industry? Call us today and be part of our select customers that make up our Beta team that assists us with our Research & Development with some perks sprinkled in between.