Disinfecting Wipes

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Why Roxton Disinfecting Wipes?

At Roxton, we know wipes well and combine all of the components to produce commercial grade brodt that exceeds the offerings of the grocery and department stores.To build and to use a wipe you must conceptualize what the purpose of a wipe is and how they work. To kill germs, viruses, and bacteria the disinfectant must come in contact with them for a specified amount of time which is known as the contact time. It is for this reason you need to think of a wipe as more of an applicator and not something that is picking up the germs, viruses, and bacteria. The wipe, as it is passed over the surface, leaves this wet layer of disinfectant as it goes and needs to be left to dry naturally giving that dwell time to kill the intended targets. It is for this reason wipes do a better job than using a spray with a cloth or paper towels as these will remove disinfectant after it has been applied with the spray bottle. Furthermore, the wipe removes the soiling that is on the surface in the initial wiping to allow the disinfectant solution to do its job, this “two birds with one stone” approach ensures that wiping is less labour intensive and more effective than spray and cloth approaches.

What each wipe consists of:

There are many aspects of the construction of a disinfectant wipe. It starts with a high quality substrate which is strong and durable to ensure that it does a superior job. This substrate must be designed to stay saturated and be able to apply as much disinfectant as necessary to meet the Dwell times. The surface area of the wipe should also be sufficient in size to ensure that it traps enough soiling in the substrate without being too large to require too much solution to be effective. The wipe must not leave lint or other debris on the surface that is being disinfected as we want to ensure it looks great when the job is done.  Once the substrate is chosen the chemical used is very important to ensure that it has the disinfectant power required to kill the germs and bacteria that it comes in contact with. Chemicals can vary from a quaternary disinfectant cleaner, to alcohol, to hydrogen peroxide. All have their place and applications and we have offerings in all 3 but our Roxton Premium wipes use the quaternary disinfectant as it is the most agreeable with both the surfaces being cleaned and the individual applying the solution.

Our line of Roxton wipes are purposefully designed to give you options when you are looking for wipes for your business or even your home. Ever evolving, Roxtons line of wipes will always keep up with what the market demands. We have wipes for every industry.