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One of the most important things you can do to fight germs and bacteria is wash your hands. Seems like common sense but the truth is many do not do it properly. Most people wet their hands, give a quick squirt of soap or pick up a bar briefly and then begin the rinse of phase. To properly wash your hands you need to work up a lather with soap and after you continually rub your hands together for twenty five to thirty seconds making sure you get down deep between your fingers. You also need to pay particular attention to the nail beds to do a thorough job.

Roxton Soaps feature a precise selection of formulas in efficient dispensing systems to meet your needs. Roxton Foaming Soap products are formulated to provide a thick, pleasing, luxurious foam while using substantially less soap per hand wash than in lotion alternatives.

Roxton Foaming Hand Cleanser is a water-less non-alcohol hand cleanser that does not disrupt the natural integrity of the skin. Foaming Hand Cleanser dries fast, but 10-15 seconds slower than alcohol-based hand sanitizers allowing deeper cleansing.

Alcohol cleansers provide a deep disinfecting action that can kill the toughest of germs, viruses , and bacteria. To accomplish this you will need to ensure you are using an alcohol based product that is a minimum of 70% alcohol. You also need to be wary of the type of alcohol in the product you are using. Ethanol, Isoproponal, and 2-Propanol based sanitizers are all very good products to use. Methanol, Wood Alcohol, and 1-Propanol are toxic and should not be used. The alcohol based sanitizers that Roxton carries and reports are made in a small independent distillery and are ethanol based for your safety.

As with all of the products that Roxton offers our lineup of soaps and sanitizers is designed to touch all bases of hand care for your safety. You  may ask when is the best time to wash your hands? The answer is pretty simple – very frequently. You should wash them when you first get up in the morning, before you prepare food, before you eat, when you are touching shared surfaces or objects, when you touch another person and when you can’t? Carry hand sanitizer from Roxton.