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Protect your employees, customers, and loved ones from airborne contaminants with an economy-priced face shield.

These shields offer a larger area of coverage and are fully designed to protect the wearer. They offer protection for the eyes, mouth, and nose, which are all key entry points of germs and bacteria. Roxton offers headband models as well as shields that can be worn on a baseball cap.

  • Coverage area 36cm wide x 22cm high
  • PET Material
  • Splashguard
  • Comfortable Foam Headband
  • Elastic comfort band.
  • 0.25 mm thickness
  • (Not for Hospital use)
  • Comes in a pack of 6.

Face shields can be used if you have medical reasons and can not wear a mask plus you can wear them in addition to a mask. Did you know that face shields are built as per federal guidelines?

Our Deluxe Face Shield, built to federal guidelines, will last for one-time use in a medical setting or multiple-time use in a non-medical setting with proper use and care.

For maximum comfort, try our Easyshield which helps protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from water droplets from other people’s respiration and likewise prevents your transmission to others. 

Easyshield can also be used in situations where safety glasses are required, such as chain sawing or weed whacking.

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