Roxton ULV Fogger with 2 BONUS 3.78L of Disinfectant

Roxton ULV Fogger with 2 BONUS 3.78L of Disinfectant


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SKU: 21015 Category: Disinfectant Foggers Brand: Roxton Industries

The Roxton ULV Fogger is a handheld ultra-low volume cold fogger that can reach a range of  up to 5 Metres (16 feet). The cold-fogger technology converts disinfectant liquid into tiny micron particles and disperses them on to any item or area. No need to wipe down any surfaces, simply spray on and let dry, usually within a few seconds as the droplets are very small.

Disinfectant sprayers save you time and money. Using the Roxton ULV fogger, you are able to disinfect very large areas in a short period of time. This sprayer is electric and can cover very large spaces. It comes equipped with interchangeable nozzles to adjust droplet size.  The1.6 litre size tank carries enough to get the job done without carrying the extra weight.

Commercial Grade and Versatile

Clean and disinfect your environment easily with our Roxton ULV fogger technology. Built to handle frequent usage. High power motor for high speed spraying saves time.  Perfect for businesses and homeowners who want to take better control of their sanitary needs. The Roxton ULV fogger features an air pressure auto-locking spray head to prevent leakage.

Key Features

  • up to 5 Metres (16 feet) of Spraying Range
  • ULV Cold Fogging Technology
  • 15 ft of Cord, Handheld
  • Rated voltage: 110-240V AC
  • 25-350ml/Min Atomization Volume
  • 35-60 UM Adjustable Droplet Size
  • 200 Watts
  • 1.6 Liter Tank Capacity
  • Weighs 1.45kg (3.2lbs)
  • Ergonomic Rubber Handle

Weight 25.000420531765 lbs
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