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American Dryer Hand Dryer EXT-7 SS Stainless Steel

The eXtremeAir eXt high-speed hand dryer with ECO no heat technology is the most efficient, environmentally-friendly ever! The ECO uses a high-velocity air stream to dry hands in an average of 12-15 seconds while using only 500 – 300 watts of adjustable power and standby power of less then 1 watt! Because of the low power consumption, it allows you to install up to 3 eXtremeAir eXt dryers on one dedicated breaker.


Adjustable Sound & Speed

Innovative technology allows the hand dryer to be adjusted to your preference – providing the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound. It’s ideal for sports stadiums, schools or a quiet library.

A dial inside the dryer provides easy sound adjustment from 83 to 69 dB, with a speed of 19,000 to 10,000 LFM. There is NO need to upgrade or replace parts.

Universal Voltage

The eXtremeAir can be connected to any voltage from 100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz. The dryer configures itself to your voltage, making installation easier.

5-Year Premium Manufaturers Warranty

 See owner’s manual for details.

Energy Reduction

The eXtremeAir eXt series is the first high-speed hand dryer to reduce power consumption to an industry-leading 500 – 300 watts of electricity – that’s up to 3X less energy than other “green” hand dryers.