Non-Alcohol, Water-less Foaming Cleanser (4x1000ml) (requires Roxton dispenser - not included)

Roxton Foaming Hand Cleanser is a non-alcohol hand cleanser that does not disrupt the natural integrity of the skin. Foaming Hand Cleanser formulated  Benzalkonium Chloride solution dries fast, but 10-15 seconds slower than alcohol-based hand sanitizers allowing a deeper clean.

Roxton foam sealed pouches prevent contamination and provide a new pump with every refill, thereby eliminating clogs and drips.

1785 pumps per foam cartridge!

Each case of Roxton Non-Alcohol Foaming Cleanser contains 4x1000ml Refills! 


As this product doesn't contain any alcohol, and its active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride it has many benefits: 

  • Fast-drying, stable foam that acts in 15 seconds. 
  • The non-alcoholic, non-flammable formula is safe for use in all environments from daycares to rehabilitation centers to old age homes. 
  • Non-sticky, non-drying formula with moisturizers and conditioners that leaves hands soft, refreshed, and with a silky after-feel, unlike alcohol that can leave hands red, rough, and cracked.
  • Greater sustained activity than alcohol gels on repeated use. 
  • Free of fragrance, silicone, and polymers 
Active Ingredient

Benzalkonium Chloride solution.