Some of the DIRTIEST places in your kitchen and some you might not think about!

Some of the DIRTIEST places in your kitchen and some you might not think about!

Some of the DIRTIEST places in your kitchen and some you might not think about!

  • On November 9, 2018

By Jamie Pritchard


Kitchen Sponge / Dishcloth / Kitchen Rags – No matter which one you use, or what you call them the single worst culprit for germs in your home is the thing you use to clean everything.  They stay damp and moist which is a breeding ground for They pick up and collect the germs and bacteria of the house and many neglects to deal with them thus through transference to the next surface is inevitable. Your best solution is to THROW them OUT! You should be using a good quality wet wipe such as Roxton Industries Industrial Disinfectant Wipes. A wipe acts as an applicator distributing the disinfectant over the surface.

Kitchen Sink and The Faucet Handles – So let’s stay in the kitchen while we are there. People wash everything here except the… We wash the dirt and chemicals off fruits and vegetables, rinse poultry, drain meats, clean golf clubs, pets, car parts and on and on – we have all been there! We always touch these handles with our dirty hands constantly, but all too often fail to think of sanitizing them. Use your disinfectant wipes to wipe it down regularly and perhaps a little vinegar and baking soda will freshen your drain.

Coffee Maker / Tea Kettles – You always wash the coffee pot, right?  But do you wash out your tea kettle? Water sitting can leave residues and breed bacteria. The need to be cleaned once a week with a clear vinegar to keep them sparkling clean – just remember to run a cycle without coffee afterwards to avoid the vinegar coffee taste.

Stove Knobs – A great place for germs to hide as food transfers from our hands and can splatter on them. Make sure you wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe when you clean the stove top and remove them and soak them in vinegar or soapy water at least twice a year.

Kitchen Countertops / Cutting Boards – Kitchen countertops are the collectors of everything from raw food to keys, to coins, garbage, cats, shoes – you name it the counters collect it all. Cutting boards take a lot of abuse with a variety of duties from raw meat, fish, poultry to dirty vegetables. Cutting boards should be non-pourus and wood boards can create issues unless they are made of quality hardwoods. Again, a good disinfectant wet wipe will disinfect your counters and your cutting boards.

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!


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