Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

  • On March 20, 2017

Spring is here and it’s time to think about spring cleaning! Hopefully warmer weather will help us throw open the windows for some fresh air, and the light of longer days will give us a little more energy to get some cleaning done. It’s also a great time to stock up on wipes to disinfect all areas of your house.  Here is a list of 10 items to tackle this time of year.

  1. Cabinet Doors

 Kitchen Cabinets disinfected with Roxton Industries disinfecting wipes

Over time, build- up can collect on your kitchen cabinets-especially if you don’t run the exhaust hood over your range while you cook to keep the grease from settling.


  1. Windows

Windows cleaned with a fogger and disinfectant solution

Instead of just wiping down the inside, make sure you take to the outdoors during spring cleaning season to remove spots and smudges you don’t usually have time to tackle. Pro tip? Wash them on a cloudy day to ensure that the sun won’t dry the cleanser before you’re done wiping.

  1. Stainless Steel

 Disinfecting Stainless steel appliances with Fusion 75% Alcohol Wipes

What’s the point of having beautiful stainless steel appliances if you can see fingerprints and grime all over them.  Give them a wipe down to bring out their natural shine. Make sure to open refrigerator doors so you clean all surfaces. We Recommend you use Fusion 75% Alcohol Wipes on your stainless steel appliances 


  1. Counter Tops

Counter tops disinfected with Roxton Industries Disinfecting wipes

Move all small appliances to make sure you give your countertops a deep clean. If you have granite countertops spring is a great time to reseal the granite to keep it looking good for a long time.

  1. Dishwasher

Disinfectant Solution used on the interior of the dishwasher

To ensure this heavy-duty appliance gets all the tomato sauce stains off your dinner plates, you must clean it too. First, remove any bits of food on the bottom. Then, run a cycle with a speciality cleanser made for your dishwasher about once a month.


  1. Refrigerator

Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator

This means the outside and inside.  Pull out all the fridge’s interior shelving and wash them with warm soapy water. Then wipe down the surfaces that can’t be removed on the inside with a sponge before putting shelves back in their place.

  1. Oven

 Inside of the oven disinfected by disinfecting solution

If you ever start to smell something burning when you turn on your oven it might be time to give it a deep clean. First, chip of loose pieces from your range, then spritz burnt-on food with ammonia. Sprinkle baking soda and a few drops of white vinegar on the bottom, let it bubble up, then whisk away the grime with a sponge.


  1. Washing Machine

 inside of washing machine disinfected with disinfecting solution

Don’t wash your clothes in a smelly machine.  Instead, disinfect it with distilled white vinegar and baking soda to keep it fresh and high-functioning. Run the machine with hit water, then add the cleaning agents, and let sit for 30 to 60minutes. Afterwards, restart your machine, let the water drain, and wipe it dry. Always leave door (and detergent dispenser door) open on a front load washer after the cycle is complete so it can air dry before you close it to prevent smells. Remember to wipe down the outside as well.

  1. Broom

 Mops and brooms disinfected by Roxton Wipes

Dust bunnies, be gone! To get rid of these annoying cling-ons, swish your broom around in warm, soapy water as needed. Allow to air dry.  Another option? Try to zap it with the nozzle on your vacuum, just make sure you clean out the attachment afterwards. Wipe down the handle and the base as well to keep them germ free.


  1. Patio Furniture

Wiping down patio furniture with disinfecting wipes=

Before outdoor season begins, wipe down your chairs (minus the cushions) and tables with a mixture of warm water and a squirt of dish detergent.  Then hose off the solution with water from your garden hose and let air dry before enjoying.



Finally, looking to update your playlist for some rockin’ tunes while you clean? Check out this site to give you some great ideas: https://www.buzzfeed.com/laurenpaul/the-ultimate-spring-cleaning-playlist-to-get-your-life-toget?utm_term=.abxl6Gdy4#.lm5qR62yQ



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