Staying at an Airbnb? Consider these before booking!

Staying at an Airbnb? Consider these before booking!

Staying at an Airbnb? Consider these before booking!

  • On March 17, 2021
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Unsure if staying at an Airbnb is safe during a pandemic? Here are some things you should consider before securing your plans to stay:

With COVID-19 putting a halt on many Canadians’ international travel plans for this spring and summer, many are considering staying at local Airbnb’s for a bit of an escape. Many are also working from home and that new flexibility allows them to stay elsewhere as long as they can take their work with them. But are Airbnb’s still safe to go to? They are another person’s home after all. 

If you are asking that question, allow us to give you a few things to consider before you book your stay at an Airbnb.  

What protection practices are they advertising on their listing?

Airbnb has enlisted their over arching COVID-19 response, which includes typical PPE usage, social distancing and a “Enhanced Cleaning Program”. Locations that have been cleaned using “Enhanced Cleaning” will be marked with a little sparkle. But ensure you educate yourself on the differences between cleaned and disinfected. In addition, look for obvious signs that the host is taking extra precautions. Have they used an antimicrobial like Protect 90  which allows them to label their premises as treater with Protect 90 to provide guests with even more confidence that their accommodation will be free from bacteria and other potentially harmful microbes? Are there obvious signs of cleaning being done or more importantly, not being done?

What can you see from the photos listed?

While you’re looking through the photos of your accommodation imagining yourself waking up to enjoy a coffee with that incredible view, take some time to have a closer look at those photos. Do the surfaces in the kitchen/bathrooms appear to be clean and free from a lot of clutter – more clutter more cleaning and a greater chance of it being missed or ignored? If it is clutter free it may be a good sign and it means many of the appliances have likely been kept clean and put away. Have they specifically placed any disinfecting products on the kitchen counter so that they are visible in the photos indicating either their use or an expectation placed on you to use it while staying? If they are, perfect. This means they are likely keeping a stock of cleaning products on hand and you should feel good knowing they care.

What are the most recent and relevant reviews saying?

Before you book an Airbnb it would be most prudent to thoroughly look through each of the reviews during the COVID-19 timeline. What are previous individuals who stayed there saying? Is the place maintained, disinfected, tidy and clean? Are they providing proof that preventative cleaning is being done such as a master cleaning schedule? It is important to make sure the owner of the house is taking extra precautions to disinfect every aspect of the home from the previous guests. Reviews from past individuals give you appropriate answers of whether the place is clean, disinfected or both, and yes, there is a difference. It is crucial to not only sweep and clean the areas but using a fogger and or disinfectant wipes prior to your stay will help you to stay safe. These reviews can help you determine whether the location in question is suitable for your stay.


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