Summertime, Fair Time, Germ Time!

Summertime, Fair Time, Germ Time!

Summertime, Fair Time, Germ Time!

  • On July 15, 2019

By Jamie Pritchard

It is summer which means over the next few weeks there will be hundreds of county fairs all over Canada and the United States. These fairs are a mixture of many different components from animal exhibits, rides, displays, events, to many hands-on activities all with huge crowds of people.

County fair time also means FOOD! Fries, cotton candy, corn dogs, burgers, deep fried Snickers bars (actually deep fried everything) and other fantastic unhealthy foods you eat with your hands.

Throw together all of the above components, everything you will be touching and you open yourself up to a field of germs flowing freely – what can you do to protect yourself? Wash your hands! Once germs and bacteria are on your hands, it can easily transfer to your eyes or mouth and some strains can make you sick, or even worse.

To properly wash your hands you must do so for 25-30 seconds with soap and water to effectively kill germs and have them clean. You should be doing so many times during your visit to your local fair.

Another great tip is to take some disinfectant wipes with you and wipe down the hand holds on the rides you ride.

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!


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