The A to Z on COVID19

The A to Z on COVID19

The A to Z on COVID19

  • On May 11, 2020


Roxton Industries has decided to do the “COVID19 alphabet”. Below, you will find the N-Z on COVID19. The COVID19 alphabet will consist of “dos and donts”, common misconceptions, facts, and instructions that can help.

Here is the N-Z on COVID19. This is a continuation of last weeks A-Z list on COVID19!

N: Not every confirmed COVID19 case show symptoms. This is called being asymptomatic.

O: Other ways to help during this pandemic besides practicing social distancing and disinfecting are, supporting local businesses, donating to food banks, and reaching out to loved ones and friends that may be lonely.

P: Personal Protective Equipment can protect your employees from a lot more than just COVID-19!

Q: Quick COVID19 tests are being developed as an aid to test more people.

R: Roxton Industries now sells a varying line of P.P.E. .

S: Social distancing helps flatten the curve and does not put yourself, or others at risk.

T: The common flu is not more deadly or contagious than COVID19. This is a very common misconception.

U: Use disinfectant wipes on all your surfaces within your business to ensure you are helping flatten the curve.

V: Vietnam have no confirmed COVID19 deaths to date.

W: Washing your hands effectively is still one of the best ways to prevent the spreading of COVID19.

X: Xenophobia does not help flatten the curve of COVID19.

Y: Younger kids have been known to be “super carriers” of COVID19 as many have shown to be asymptomatic.

Z: Zoonotic diseases, like COVID19 are those that are spread from animals to humans.

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