The A to Z on COVID19

The A to Z on COVID19

The A to Z on COVID19

  • On May 8, 2020

Roxton Industries has decided to do the “COVID19 alphabet”. Below, you will find the A-Z on COVID19. The COVID19 alphabet will consist of “dos and donts”, common misconceptions, facts and instructions that can help.

Here is the A-M on COVID19. Keep on eye on our social media for the N-Z on COVID19.

A: Anyone can contract the virus, not just the elderly.

B: Businesses should be disinfected daily, whether open or not.

C: Civet cats are not known to be the original carriers of COVID19, unlike SARS.

D: Disinfect your spaces at least three times a day.

E: Everybody that has COVID19 symptoms should self isolate for at least two weeks.

F: Flus are generally not more deadly than COVID19.

G: Going to visit friends you have not seen in a while is not social distancing.

H: Having COVID19 can vary for everybody between asymptomatic, mild and severe symptoms.

I: In the world there are currently almost 4 million confirmed cases.

J: Jobs have been lost because of COVID19, but many jobs have also been started because of COVID19.

K: Keep updated on what your business should be doing by following our pages.

L: Listen to only credible sources such as Roxton Industries on what steps to follow when reopening business and living every day life.

M: Masks work! Make sure you order a sufficient number of P.P.E. and masks to ensure your employees are safe.

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