How Many Germs are on YOUR MOUSE?!

How Many Germs are on YOUR MOUSE?!

How Many Germs are on YOUR MOUSE?!

  • On June 20, 2019
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Microsoft, Apple, Logitech, and many other fantastic companies have developed great mice to make your workday easier. But you may fail to recognize the mouse it a haven for germs.

The mouse sitting on your desk has 1,370,038 colony-forming units (CFU – see below for explanation) per square inch. That is 45,670 times more than the handle on your toilet which has 30 CFUs. Don’t use a mouse… ok your keyboard or built in mouse pad are worse at 3,543,000 CFU’s, but let’s stick with the mouse.

Next time Bill the computer tech guy comes to your cubicle to show you how to do something or fix your computer and grabs your mouse and starts clicking away he is both contributing to your collection and taking some away with him to the next persons mouse. So yes, your mouse is a human trap that is distributing germs throughout your office but what can you do? Talk to your HR department and request Roxton Disinfectant Wipes to wipe down your equipment on a regular basis, especially after a visit from Bill!

Its not CLEAN until its DISINFECTED.

(Colony forming units, abbreviated as CFU, refer to individual colonies of bacteria, yeast or mold. A colony of bacteria or yeast refers to a mass of individual cells of same organism, growing together. For moulds, a colony is a group of hyphae (filaments) of the same mould growing together. Colony forming units are used as a measure of the number of microorganisms present in or on surface of a sample.)




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