Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Disinfectant Wipes

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Disinfectant Wipes

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Disinfectant Wipes

  • On August 25, 2021

Roxton Industries supplies businesses with premium disinfectant wipes because we strongly believe that they are the best way to disinfect. Our line of wipes here at Roxton are purposefully designed to give you options when you are looking for wipes for your business or even your home. We know what makes a great wipe, from the quality of substrate to the chemical used to achieve disinfecting power, which is why we’ve taken on the duty of making the best wipes possible. Wipes are by far our favourite method of disinfecting, but we want you to know – what makes us love wipes so much?

To answer that question, we have compiled a list of the top three reasons why disinfectant wipes are the most ideal method of disinfection.

One – Effectiveness & Proper Disinfection

To begin, disinfectant wipes are proven to be more effective than other methods of disinfecting. Research shows that active ingredients perform the most effective disinfection when applied onto surfaces with wipes. This is because wipes are pre-saturated with the correct amount of disinfectant solution and with the direct method of application, the solution remains wet on the contaminated surface for a longer period of time, thus optimizing its effectiveness. When compared to application with a spray bottle and drying with a paper towel, many people tend to dry the surface immediately after applying the disinfectant solution. The problem with this is that in order for a disinfectant to effectively kill germs and bacteria, it must remain wet on the surface for a prescribed period of time known as the “dwell time”. With wipes, the disinfectant will be left behind on the surface, allowing you achieve proper disinfection with ease. 

Two – Cost Effectiveness 

Disinfectant wipes are arguably the most cost-effective method of thoroughly disinfecting. Compared to the alternative application method of a spray cleaner and paper towel, it turns out that wipes are much cheaper and also more effective when the intended amount is used. When cleaning with paper towels, it is extremely easy to overuse and create an excess amount of waste. However, with wipes, just one is required to clean a multitude of surfaces. Our wipes are large in size and are made of a quality embossed substrate, meaning that they have the size and strength to last through the toughest cleaning jobs. 

Three – Ease of Use

When using a spray bottle and a paper towel to disinfect, you do not have the same control over application that you have with a disinfecting wipe. With a spray application, it is easy to get disinfecting solutions on surfaces it is not intended for due to overspray or inaccuracy. It is also possible to get spray back or to end up with solution on you or in your eyes. Wipes are a far more accurate and versatile application method for applying disinfectant. 

In a settings such as a gym, where gym members are responsible for disinfecting equipment themselves, wipes are more easily accessible and there is far less margin of error when attempting to properly disinfect a surface. In fact, in several fitness surveys over 90% of fitness members said they prefer to use wipes to clean equipment rather than sprays and towels.

We should also consider the fact that the accuracy of application with wipes make them more ideal for a variety of uses. For example, when disinfecting electronics you likely do not want to risk any damage from spraying a liquid directly onto the object. In this case, a disinfectant wipe would be the safer choice.


Still not convinced? For more information, we have written the blog, Wipes Vs. Spray and Paper Towels – 4 Reasons Why Wipes Are Better, where we break down and compare the cost, safety, waste, and effectiveness of wipes and paper towels and spray as disinfecting solutions.. 


We hope that you will consider using a disinfectant wipe from Roxton Industries to simplify your cleaning.

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