Top 5 Things To Note About Ontario’s Reopening (Updated Feb 8th)

Top 5 Things To Note About Ontario’s Reopening (Updated Feb 8th)

Top 5 Things To Note About Ontario’s Reopening (Updated Feb 8th)

  • Posted by Jamie Pritchard
  • On February 8, 2021

Ontario’s Government has just recently announced a relaxation of the restrictions imposed in late December. As a cleaning supplies business headquartered in Ontario, we are extremely happy to be able to support the businesses that will now be reopening for the first time in almost two months. A large part of this reopening will rely on each business doing their part to ensure proper disinfection and social distancing measures are being adhered to.

To help you quickly understand what you need to know about Ontario’s reopening framework, we have put together the top 5 things you need to know about Ontario’s reopening framework:

1. The State of Emergency Expires February 9th:
Beginning Tuesday, February 9th, the state of emergency will expire.

2. The Province Will Move Back Into The Colour Coded Restrictions System:
The colour-coded restrictions system contains 5 levels, Grey being the most severe and green being the lightest:

  •  Grey, Lockdown
  •  Red, Control
  •  Orange, Restrict
  •  Yellow, Protect
  •  Green, Prevent

3. The Colour Coded System Has Been Updated:
There have been a few changes with more likely on the way. Read more about those changes in this article here.

4. Non Essential Retailers will be allowed to operate, even under Lockdown Restrictions:
Non-Essential retailers will be able to remain open with capacity limits even in regions that are under lockdown. How ever, some businesses, specifically personal care businesses and ski resorts will not be allowed to operate under lockdown restrictions.

5. An “Emergency Brake System” is in place:
This gives the government the flexibility to bypass all the other zones and lock the region down as quickly as possible to reduce the spread of COVID19.

We hope that this article has given you what you need to know. We continue to be a trusted source for information and supplies in the fight against COVID19. For any of your wipe, PPE, Sanitation, or fogging needs, please click on the links or contact us!

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