Top Best Ways to Keep Your Gym Members Happier:

Top Best Ways to Keep Your Gym Members Happier:

Top Best Ways to Keep Your Gym Members Happier:

  • On December 3, 2019

If you are a gym owner, you know all too well the crushing feeling when an unhappy member decides to close their account due to a circumstance that could’ve been avoided. 

Everyone who goes to a gym can agree, the amount paid is a very important factor in deciding where or where not to get a gym membership. But as a consumer, there is WAY more consideration that goes into choosing a gym. Here are some of the simple things that you can ask yourself as a gym owner.


Is Your Facility Inviting and Inclusive?

For many people going to the gym is a daunting and intimidating task. Fear of judgement is high for some, and for others visiting the gym could be something that they lack motivation to do. Consider your own gym right now. Is it an environment where all can feel welcomed to pursue their fitness goals? Does the atmosphere at your gym provide members with motivation each and every time they visit your facility, making them want to return for more?


Are Staff Helpful and Motivating? Or are they Stuck Up and Snobby?

Have you ever been to a gym where you felt as though everyone on staff was only there for the free gym membership? Make sure you build a team of trainers and employees that care about your members health just as much as their own. Members will be more inclined to stay on with your gym if they feel valued.


Are Other Members showing proper Gym Etiquette?

For many people, specifically around the time of year coming up (New Year’s Resolution Makers), it will be their first time ever attending a gym. Are these people properly educated on how to behave in a gym environment? Something like wiping down the machines when they are done using them, or not slamming the weights down are things that some people may not know about!

These are just a few of the factors that can make or break a gym contract. So, to keep you members happy make sure you:

  1. Provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to the average gym goer (if it is not, your clientele will be niched)
  2. Employ Trainers and Staff that aren’t just there for the paycheck/free gym membership. Employ people who are passionate about helping others.
  3. Educate members on proper gym etiquette!
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