Top Five Reasons You Should Be Using Disinfectant Wipes

Top Five Reasons You Should Be Using Disinfectant Wipes

Top Five Reasons You Should Be Using Disinfectant Wipes

  • On November 5, 2019
Roxton Industries supplies businesses with premium disinfectant wipes because we believe that they are the best way to disinfect. Why do we love disinfecting wipes so much? To answer that, we compiled a list of the Top Five reasons why you should be using a disinfectant wipe as your go to disinfectant.


Number One – Cost Effectiveness

  • Disinfectant wipes are arguably the most cost-effective way to go about disinfecting thoroughly.
  • When compared to alternatives (like using spray cleaner and paper towel) it turns out to be much cheaper when the intended amounts are used.

Number Two – Disinfecting Efficiently

  • Because a wipe comes pre-saturated with the disinfecting solution, there is more contact time with the contaminated surfaces.

Number Three – More Control

  • When using a disinfectant cleaner that is dispensed via a spray bottle, you don’t have the same control you have with a disinfecting wipe.

Number Four – One Wipe = Many Paper Towels.

  • When you clean something using a paper towel, do you ever just grab one paper towel? Most of us can probably say that we are guilty of using multiple as opposed to just one because that is how many we deem necessary to clean up properly.
  • With a disinfecting wipe, just one is required to clean a multitude of surfaces.

Number Five – Versatility

  • You can use just one wipe and clean multiple spots.
  • You can reach places that a spray bottle couldn’t efficiently cover with disinfecting solution.
So if you still think that you are better off going with a spray based cleaner or some other disinfecting alternative, think again. We hope that you will consider using a disinfectant wipe from Roxton Industries to simplify your cleaning.
We have written previous blogs comparing wipes versus paper towels/spray as cleaning tools, based on the cost, safety, waste, and effectiveness of each
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